BRGR.CO is a burger joint in Soho and Kings Road that we’ve been wanting to try for a while, so while we were at London Fashion Week in Soho, we thought it would be the perfect time to try!

The menu is longer than you would normally find in your average burger restaurant, with a wide variety of sides, hot dogs, chicken burgers, as well as steak burgers. We decided to go for our usual; cheese burgers, however we mixed it up with some cheese fries and were so happy to see our favourite thing ever on the menu; mac & cheese! We also ordered milkshakes to complete the burger experience!

The burgers arrived served plain with cheese, with all of the toppings served on the side, so you can choose what to include, which we liked as you can completely personalise your burger. The burgers were larger than we usually go for; both the meat and the bun were quite thick, we would have preferred less bread! However we know a lot of people love a meatier burger, so this is perfect for bigger burger fans out there! The milkshakes were tasty but small – we actually finished them before the food even came, which is why they’re not pictured! Because of the size of them, we probably wouldn’t order them again as they were quite pricey at £5 each!

We are always weary about ordering cheese fries, as we like cheese fries to have real melted cheese on them, as opposed to fake ‘squeezy cheese’ (*cough* Shake Shack), the waiter informed us that it was a mixture of soft cheese and Gruyere, so we took the plunge and were not disappointed! The strong flavour of the Gruyere cheese was quite overpowering so the fries didn’t need much cheese on them. Also the actual fries themselves were delish!

The mac & cheese was great, the portion was perfect for two people sharing and it complemented the burger perfectly. It had a strong cheesy flavour and was definitely our favourite part of the meal!

Have you tried BRGR.CO? What were your thoughts?

Love, Londonistas xo


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