A new burger joint has opened up in Kilburn, we’ve heard lots about it so obvi we went to check it out. Soul Store West has been open for around 3 months now and is an ex-nightclub space, so it is a very big restaurant where they host live music nights too.

When we went, we both ordered our usual cheeseburgers, with chilli cheese fries and mac & cheese (cos there’s no such thing as too much cheese!) The cheeseburgers were quite big and super messy! It came with a pretty chunky beef patty, lettuce, tomato, a generous helping of mayo and some kind of secret topping that wasn’t written in the menu so we weren’t sure what it was! It looked¬†like minced beef but with a sauce that had a slightly sweet taste. This extra meat/sauce plus the mayo made it an extra sloppy one – but delish at the same time!

Sides-wise, we were pleasantly surprised by the mac & cheese, we’re very picky with our mac & cheese so were happy when the crispy topped macaroni came, with a thick cheesy sauce with good flavour, as opposed to a liquidy bland sauce that you usually get. The chilli cheese fries were also great, french fries smothered with real cheese (no plastic cheese sauces here!) with chilli beef on top – super tasty but we over ordered, as always!

Overall we would definitely go back to Soul Store West, the restaurant mainly specialises in ribs so we would def go back and try those. The burgers were definitely good, not the best we’ve ever had but the sides made up for it!

It is worth mentioning that we felt that the space was lacking some ambience, it is quite large and has a kind of ’empty’ feeling when you’re there, it seems that a lot of people go there for drinks rather than food so it can get quite loud in the evenings.¬†The service also wasn’t the best as when we went, the waitresses weren’t that knowledgeable on the menu, there wasn’t a drinks menu available, and we were told that quite a few things on the menu weren’t available, which is understandable for a new restaurant – but it has been open 3 months and was empty at the time!

Have you tried Soul Store West?

– Love, Londonistas

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