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We couldn’t post our Burgers of The Month and not mention Five Guys! They’re popping up everywhere at the moment which is why we thought it would make our perfect March burger. Five Guys is a casual burger joint so pop in for a quick bite sometime and you won’t be sorry. The burgers are street-food style and they are definitely dirty!

One thing we particularly love about Five Guys is the fact that everything on the menu is completely customisable. There’s nothing worse than ordering a plain cheeseburger and not being told that its going to come with pickles, mustard, burger sauces, onions and all these other things you might not like and didn’t ask for!

When you order at Five Guys you can choose to have a regular sized burger (with two patties) or a ‘little burger’ (one patty). That is another reason we love Five Guys, we don’t like our burgers to be too big and meaty so the little cheeseburger is the perfect size for us! When ordering you are then given a card with a huge list of toppings to choose from, so you pick every thing that goes into your burger, from jalapeños to steak sauce – there are never any nasty surprises at Five Guys!

five guysThe burgers are given to you wrapped in foil which is great to keep all the toppings in tact and your hands from getting too messy. The burgers come in a soft bun with the perfect amount of toppings. Five Guys also offers the largest selection of soda’s we’ve ever seen! You pay a set price for a soda and help yourself to any of the hundred soda’s on offer from their machine, the cup is refillable so you can try all the different flavours!

The fries at Five Guys are fresh and cooked in peanut oil, so we find that they do taste ‘healthier’ than regular fast food fries. The milkshakes are quite expensive but definitely worth the price – they are a generous size and taste very fresh, the perfect accompaniment to your burger and fries!five guys

PS. The grilled cheese at Five Guys also deserves an honourable mention. It’s a small grilled cheese sandwich (we often share one as well as our burgers!) that is so tasty; a must for any cheese lover. We definitely recommend you try it!

Love, Londonistas xoxo

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