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We’ve heard such great things about Bobo Social, a low key burger joint on Charlotte Street, so we knew we had to try it out! Bobo Social is a cosy little restaurant that feels like you’re in someone’s living room. Its a really cosy, cute restaurant – even down to the plates!

When we arrived, the staff explained that they always change up the types of beef they use in the burgers and the wood they are cooked in, so every time you go you have a different burger experience! We were initially unsure about Bobo Social as the  the menu was very… unique. This is definitely a restaurant for the adventurous burger fan, with the menu including a peanut butter burger and sides including bacon served with chilli chocolate(!). For us simple cheeseburger-loving gals, this wasn’t our usual scene as you can imagine!

We ended up ordering cheeseburgers with guacamole, and we were very pleasantly surprised! The buttermilk bun was super soft, as was the meat. The meat was super soft and melted in your mouth, everything was so soft and tender that the big burger went down so quickly – we seriously inhaled them!

Unfortunately they were out of fries when we went, so we didn’t get to try those. However we did try the bacon with chilli chocolate on the side which was a nice change of scene to what we’d normally go for!

The drinks also deserve an honourable mention, we ordered the cocktail ‘One Day In Summer’, which was AMAZING! Honestly one of the yummiest cocktails we’ve ever had! It was a gin based cocktail with plenty of fresh crushed strawberries (no horrible artificial syrups!), which just tasted super fresh and fruity, we definitely recommend!

Overall Bobo Social is a perfect burger place for real foodies to try out all of the crazy burger combos and different ways the meats are cooked. It is a really good quality burger and we’d definitely recommend it for a casual dinner out or quiet date night!

Have you tried Bobo Social?

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