As you guys already know… there’s nothing we love more than a catch up over burgers and cocktails! When we discovered the burger joint BURGERS & COCKTAILS on James St (5 minute walk from Bond Street station) – we were VERY excited… as you can imagine! 

The restaurant had a casual bar atmosphere… really cool and chilled. They had a great selection of burgers, cocktails and sides  (we were SO tempted to order more sides, but had to refrain from our eyes being bigger than our bellies!). We went for our usual, the classic cheese burger with mac and cheese and cheese fries for sides (YES, we LOVE cheese!!!).

The burgers were a generous size but not too thick and meaty, served with smokey relish, special sauce and lettuce. The sauciness of the burger added to its juiciness; there’s nothing worse than a dry burger! The mac & cheese was good, but nothing groundbreaking. The cheese fries on the other hand, were the absolute winner for us! The fries were thick hand-cut fries, and were smothered in fondue cheese and parsley that melted in your mouth. They were so tasty – definitely the best we have tried during our burger adventures! Our pet peeve is cheese fries with that yellow artificial cheese on it, and these definitely did not have that!

The cocktails selection was unique; Miranda had a spicy cucumber margarita which was great! Sid had a Watermelon Collins which was a bit of a let down as it had that artificial watermelon syrup taste as opposed to the real thing!

The food and atmosphere was great, but sadly the service was AWFUL! Our waitress was very rude, and we had to wait a long time to get served and a good hour for our table to be cleared up, even after asking! Thankfully the manager took over and saved the day, so if you don’t mind waiting hours to be served (we arrived at 6:30pm and left at 10pm!!) then definitely give this place a go, as the food is great! However we probably won’t be returning… bye bye delicious cheesy fries, it really does suck when bad service ruins a great burger experience!

Have you tried Burgers & Cocktails?

Love Londonistas!


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