So we finally got to try out the new burger joint Burgeri – Halal Girl About Town! And it looks like we’re late to the party… Instagrammers have definitely been teasing us with their delicious Burgeri pictures. Burgeri is the latest addition to the Halal burger scene in London, and just around the corner from Oxford St station.

The atmosphere inside is a casual burger joint vibe, you order and pay at the till then get given a buzzer for you to collect your food. The menu had a good selection of burgers, and the classic sides including fries, onion rings and sweet potatoes fries. The menu wasn’t too clear, which is a little frustrating for a fast food chain (ain’t nobody got the time to look at the menu for too long!). It looked like they were serving different burger styles (Mexican style etc), but it was set out confusingly. We decided to go for a cheeseburger and fries as always. The cashier suggested we go for a Burgeri special (basically a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, onion and gherkins), because she explained that their cheeseburger had no other fillings besides the meat and the cheese? We found this a little strange, as this wasn’t explained on the menu but we definitely appreciated her suggestion. So, the Burgeri special burger and fries it was!

They had a bunch of really cool mocktail type drinks that looked super refreshing (FYI: they don’t serve alcohol). Sid went ahead and tried the mint, lime and apple and it was SO good. Burgeri is definitely the burger joint for a fruity and refreshing beverage. The meal came to around £12 each (not the cheapest for a casual burger place).

Despite this, The burgers were delish. Just how we like them: soft bun, soft meat not too thick and good amount of sauces. However the single burger definitely didn’t fill us up… we were still hungry once we finished our meals! We would definitely order some more sides if we went back! The fries were good, nothing special just regular burger fries, which we like!

Would we go back? Yes, the burger was delicious and loved the mocktail selection, but we would probably order a double burger, and maybe experiment with the other sides. I’m not sure if it would be our first option over some of our other favourite burger joints, but overall it was yum and handy for a Oxford St shopping trip lunch!

Have you tried Burgeri?

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